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Aluminum oxide
Author: Tianhe chemical sources: original date:2012-04-11

Aluminum oxide is a white amorphous powder, commonly known as bauxite.

Product name: Aluminum oxide

Chemical formula : Al2O3

Relative molecular weight: 101.96

Properties: White solid, hardly soluble in water, odorless, tasteless. Extremely hard. Easy to absorb moisture without deliquescence. Amphoteric oxide, soluble in inorganic acids and alkaine solutions. Almost insoluble in water and non-polar organic solvents. Relative density (d204)4.0. Melting point about 2000℃.

Storage: Sealed and dry storage.SCRC100009

Use: Used as analytical reagent, dehydrating agent and adsorbent of organic solvent, organic reaction catalyst, abrasive, polish.

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