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Author: Tianhe chemical sources: original date:2012-04-11

Loctite distributor in2002 in the industrial, electronic, automotive and other general adhesive research and sales. In 2005, Le Thai Industrial OEM assembly market product sales and service,2006 in Le Thai electronic industry product sales and promotion work. 2010was authorized as the Le Thai distributor in China, over the years, our customers all over on both sides of the Changjiang River, Yuanyuguangda customers to join hands in creating a win-win situation! Le Thai adhesives commitment is to research and development to reduce the cost and improve the quality of industry as a benchmark, the production of products for global use.

Loctite huge product series provides query performance and consistency, even the most demanding applications in the automotive, electronics, aerospace and medical industries, Le Thai glue in over 80 countries around the world are widely used. Products include: industrial adhesives and sealants Le Thai glue thread, Le Thai instant adhesive, sealant, Le Thai Le Thai screw fixing agent, Le Thai sealants, Le Thai anaerobic sealant, surface treatment technology, Le Thai cleaning agent, Le Thai promoter, Le Thai surface treatment agent, Le Thai, Le Thai surface activating agent cleaning agent, Le Thai glue net, Le Thai glue.

Loctite technology to provide a variety of leading technology products, while its innovation and environmental awareness has earned a global reputation, has always been committed to and maintain its packaging materials in the semiconductor and electronic materials industry leader, for the global electronics industry customers a wide range of applications and provides a full set of processing of materials and solutions.

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