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Caustic soda
Author: Tianhe chemical sources: original date:2012-04-11

Sodium hydroxide (NaOH), commonly konwn as caustic soda. It is a very common alkali and one of the essential drug in chemical lab. It absorb water vapor in the air, so it must be kept under seal and use rubber stopper. Its solution can be used as washing liquid.
Product name: Sodium hydroxide
Molecular formula: NaOH
Molecular weight: 40.00
Important chemical raw material with wide use. Used for the manufacture of formic acid, oxalic acid, boric acid, phenol, sodium cyanide and soap, the synthesis of fatty acids and detergents, etc. in chemical industry; as cotton desizing agent, scouring agent, mercerizing agent and the solvent of vat dyes and hydron blue dye in textile industry; in the manufacture of aluminum oxide, aluminum hydroxide and metal surface treatment agent in smelting industry; as acid neutralizing agent, bleaching agent, deodorant in instrument industry; as starch gelatinization agent and neutralizing agent in adhesive industry. Besides, it has wide application range in enamel, medicine, cosmetic, leather, coating, pesticide, glass and other industries.

Specification: This product meets the national standard GB209-03 index, 50%NaOH superior product, first grade product, qualified product NaOH (%)≥ 50.0 50.0 50.0 Na2CO3 (%)≤ 0.3 0.4 0.6 NaCl (%)≤ 0.01 0.02 0.04 Fe2O3 (%)≤ 0.001 0.002 0.005.
Properties: Colorless solution, aqueous solution is strongly alkaline. Neutralize with acid or react with zinc, aluminum and so on will generate salt and release hydrogen. At room temperature, sodium hydroxide has small corrosion on copper and iron, even smaller on pig iron. Concentrated alkali can corrode red copper but has no corrosion on nickel and silver. Its aqueous solution have corrosive effect on glass and ceramic and generate sodium silicate.

Use: Mainly used as saponification agent, gray fabric degreasing mercerizing and excessive acid neutralizer in printing and dyeing industry; used in pulp cooking in papermaking industry; as dry skin soaking agent in leather industry, etc. It is also the basic chemical raw material for the manufacture of other products.
Packing, storage and transporation: Special tank car or storage tank with the sign of "corrosive goods". The tank car and storage tank must be cleaned after twice storage, prevent leakage and prohibit contact with various acids.

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